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22nd June, 2016

As our business grew we had a growing need of a cost effective method of utilizing our left over concrete. We started producing a high quality smooth finish concrete landscaping or retaining wall construction block. These blocks have proven very popular and we often produce orders of more than 100 units. Each block weighs approx 1000 kg and moving them or cracking them from the molds proved to be more than our current equipment could handle. We now use telehandlers from Frontline Rentals. They provide machines on time every time. On one occasion the machine ruptured a hydraulic hose in our yard and they attended promptly and replaced the telehandler meaning very little down time for us. We will continue to utilize Frontline Rentals equipment.

12th March, 2016

Coldshield manufactures and installs large dimension door systems in food processing and storage facilities. Often these are over 6 mtrs wide and are accompanied by heavy duty 6 or 8 inch steel crash protection bars. Sometimes the doorway is at the top of a ramp or loading dock meaning the ground is uneven or at different levels. We have been utilizing Frontline Rentals telehandlers onsite for sometime and that has now become the normal and safe way to install a large door. They offer a complete delivery and collection service all at fair and competitive rates.

9th August, 2016

We have recently started utilizing Frontline Rentals telehandlers on our major projects such as sewerage treatment plant works etc. The telehandlers are very handy to have onsite and are great value for money. We at BME Australia have started to develop a strong working relationship with Frontline Rentals as we feel they will be helpful in assisting us on our future projects.

4th November, 2016

Hi Matt I would just like to thank your company and especially Brad, for your help and commitment to this project, we are working in extremely difficult and harsh conditions with the heat and excessive dust, and because our plant and your plant are kept in good condition we have had minimal hold ups, which is remarkable considering the work we are doing and the remote location of the project. The main reason for this Email though is to mention Brad, every time I have had an issue or question Brad has been available and together we have been able to sort the problem out, for instance this weekend I phoned Brad on the Friday about my concerns about some of the gear on site, and the next day he was on a plane and on the Sunday had fixed 90% of the issues, which if left would definitely have turned out to become bigger issues and had the potential to stop the project. By Monday evening he had done all the work I had asked him to do, unfortunately at 2100 on Monday night Fabtech Tele handler had a serious breakdown and was shut down, I rang Brad who had just gone to bed and explained what had happened, he immediately got dressed and went back out to site and after 3 hours had fixed the TeleHandler. He was able to do this because he carried these sorts of spares with him and mainly because his attitude is to get the plant working however difficult the task is, and he does this with a smile on his face never once moaning or blaming anyone he just wants to help. This is the sort of teamwork that gets projects over the line, please pass on my thanks again to Brad and your team. King regards, Graham