Key Features:

  • Suits horticulture and small croppers
  • Inter-row models available for vineyards
  • Excellent penetration
  • Simple to operate
  • Heavy duty
  • One pass seed bed preparation
  • High performance cost effective machine
  • Excellent penetration and trash flow
  • Power requirements 40hp/m (approx.)


The Speedtiller® by K-Line Agriculture is a high-performing dual purpose disc-tilling machine used for soil conditioning with superior penetration. Ideal for high-speed disc tillage, it can efficiently cut, size and incorporate high levels of crop residue increasing the carbon content in your soil. Soil erosion from wind and water is drastically reduced by the Speedtiller’s excellent incorporation ability. The Speedtiller® handles heavy residue with ease, moves the dirt of an offset, and is an excellent finishing tool for levelling and one-pass seedbed preparation.

Equipment Information

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Number of discs 32
Disc cut spacing 125 mm
Weight (approx.) 2,750 kg
Tractor power range 150-220 Hp (111-164 Kw)
Transport width 4.3m