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Dimensions & Equipment Information

Full specifications (pdf)
Rated Load kg2500
Load Center mm500
Lifting Height mm3000
Free Lifting Height mm160
Mast Tilt Angle Front/Rear10/12°
Lifting Speed No-Load mm/s600
Lifting Speed Full-Load mm/s570
Running Speed Forward km/h19
Running Speed Backward km/h19
Max Traction Force No-Load N15000
Max Traction Force Full-Load N17000
Gradeability No-Load %20
Gradeability Full-Load %20
Min Turning Radius R mm2783
Min Cross Passage Width K mm1970
Whole Length L (Without Fork) mm2946
Whole Width W mm1557.5
Whole Height D (Mast Retracted) mm2265
Whole Height E (Mast Extended) mm4175
Wheelbase F mm1880
Wheelbase Front Q1 mm1250.5
Wheelbase Rear Q2 mm1205
Front Clearance B mm586
Rear Clearance C mm520
Fork Dimension Length mm1100
Fork Dimension Width mm122
Fork Dimension Height mm40
Fork Horizontal Adjustment Quantity mm250-1160
Ground Clearance (in the Place of Mast) mm270
Self weight kg4465