Hitachi ZAXIS 225

Key Features:

  • TRIAS hydraulic system reaches higher yields with better fuel consumption than the previous ZAXIS model
  • Strengthened brackets on boom end and foot are equipped with bushings to withstand rugged environments
  • Arm recirculation cancel and hydraulic boosting systems increase arm speed during operation
  • Two additional spools in the control valve allow for easy installation of attachments


The fast and fuel-efficient new ZAXIS 225 is designed to achieve high levels of performance on a wide variety of job sites. The short-tail swing radius extends its suitability for earth-moving and construction work to confined spaces, particularly in urban areas, or for road construction, forestry and demolition. It manoeuvres smoothly and precisely, and will deliver increased productivity and reduced running costs.

Equipment Information

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)


Manufacturer and Model:Isuzu AI-4HK1XYSA-02 certified to EPA Tier-3 emissions
Net Power (ISO 9249):159 hp (118 kW) @ 2,000 rpm
Displacement:317 cu. in. (5.193 L)
Aspiration:Turbocharged, intercooled
Off-Level Capacity:70% (35 deg)

Hydraulic System

Main Pumps:2 variable-displacement axial-piston pumps
Main Pumps Max. Rated Flow:2 x 212 L/min
Pilot Pump:One gear
Pilot Pump Max. Rated Flow:30 L/min
Pilot Pump Pressure Setting:570 psi (3930 kPa)
Implement Circuit Operating Pressure:4,980 psi (34,336 kPa)
Travel Circuit Operating Pressure:4,980 psi (34,336 kPa)
Swing Circuit Operating Pressure:4,410 psi (30,406 kPa)
Controls:Pilot levers, short stroke, low effort; hydraulic pilot controls with shutoff lever


Carrier Rollers (Per Side):2
Track Rollers (Per Side):8
Shoes (Per Side):49

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed:13.3 rpm
Swing Torque:50,662 lb.-ft (68,900 Nm)


Max Travel Speed:5.5 km/h
Low Travel Speed:3.5 km/h
Drawbar Pull:20,719 kg

Operating Weights

With full fuel tank, operator, 0.83 m3 heavy-duty bucket, 2.91 m arm, 7,586 kg counterweight, and 800 mm triple semi-grouser shoes:24,487 kg