Key Features:

  • Extremely robust frame
  • Heavy duty deep-ripping tynes with shear pin system
  • Heavy duty roller options for soil conditioning and clod busting
  • V-pattern tyne layout for greater efficiency: gives lighter draft and better tracking ability
  • Huge main frame members 250 x 150mm
  • Tyne spacing – 550 mm
  • Optional range of shanks and points available
  • Underframe clearance 780mm
  • 7, 9 & 11 tyne models available


The K-Line Ag MAXXRIPPER® is the answer to your soil compaction issues. After years of no-till conservation practices, a need for deep tillage equipment has arisen. Manufactured for breaking hard pans and deep tillage application, the MaxxRipper loosens up tough, compact soil to prepare it for planting. Our deep ripper has deep ripping tynes to break up compacted soils to a depth of approx. 600mm (23”).

Equipment Information

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Operatin Width Approx. 3.5m (11.5')
Tractor Power Range(HP) 280-420
Weight (approx.) 4500kg (9922.5 lb)
Transport Height Approx. 2.1m (6.9')
Transport Width Approx. 3.8m (12.4')
Transport Length 6.95m (22.8')